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6 Tips Holidaying With Children After Parents Divorce


Separation or divorce is never an easy thing to go through, not just for parents or couples who divorce, but also children in the family. Children tend to be come to feel stress when seeing their parents stress.

Nearing the end of year holidays does not mean there’s nothing you can do.
Here are some ways for you to create a holiday atmosphere conducive to children after a divorce.
1. Have reasonable expectations
Let children know that vacation time is very different from the previous holiday, but also to emphasize that different is not necessarily a bad thing.

2. Substitution of vacation time
You have to know exactly when the kids get together with your or your ex-spouse. Do not force them, or they will feel depressed. Let them choose with whom will holiday in advance.

3. Do not spoil the atmosphere
No ex-child, so even with parents. After a difficult period of divorce, many things that will be friction for you and your ex-spouse, such as gift-giving. If you do not approve of what he gives, do not immediately get angry. Look for the best solution that does not make your child feel sad or stressed.

4. Do not be overprotective parents
If your child’s time this holiday with former partner, let him enjoy his time there, you do not need to call every few minutes. Your children know how much you love them, but do not let them confuse choose your attitude excessive.

5. Avoid saying “I miss you so much”
The sentence can make children worry about your happiness, whether you are alone or you are afraid of themselves, they may be prepared to undergo a new day.
Your well-being is not their responsibility, but their well-being depends on you. Help them through the day with a good, encourage, and provide rules that can be agreed.

6. Do not break the rules you have created yourself
If you are not ready to meet with his former spouse, do not. If children have to meet him, let them meet him.

Fix your state first after the divorce is happening, so you can be a good example for children.